Josephine "SevenCubed" Doggett

DATE 11/77

Josephine Travis Doggett doesn't answer to "SevenCubed". She just uses it for her artwork and/or the lulz. She's a professional video game artist living in the beautiful town of Providence, Rhode Island. Professionally, she's been an Environment Artist, Animator, Scripter, and crackerjack FX artist. Outside of her professional existence, she enjoys painting, modeling, molding, casting, Photography, and trying desperately to keep her CNC machine from dying. She has a badass wife she loves very much who makes wonderful comics and paintings. She's a non-binary member of the transgender community and she can juggle. Recently, she started a 3D Printing company with Kelli Nelson and Ian Wells. Sometimes she refers to any beverage she's currently drinking as a "sody pop". She loves life.

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